Egypt Cracks Down On Female Genital Mutilation

Three months after a teenager died while undergoing female genital mutilation conducted by a doctor, Egypt is cracking down on the practice. The Egyptian cabinet approved a draft bill on Sunday that would enact a punishment of five to seven years in prison for anyone who performs FGM, according to Ahram Online. Previously, the penalty was three… Read More »

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explains How Cannabis Helps Him

The Marijuana Majority Here is another example of a successful individual who is not afraid of sharing how cannabis helps him – actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You may know Joseph Gordon-Levitt from several movies such as The Dark Knight Rises, to Inception, and also his upcoming movie, The Walk. So why is Joseph Gordon-Levitt sharing how cannabis… Read More »

Snoop’s 8 Delicious Strains Will Leave You Drooling

Snoop Dogg created his own line of cannabis products called Leafs by Snoop, a high-quality line that’s guaranteed to have cannabis lovers running straight to their local dispensaries to get their hands on the 8 different strains. Each strain is hand-picked by the rapper himself and includes a variety for everyone to enjoy. Whether you… Read More »

Trying Cannabis for Fibromyalgia Pain

Cannabis to Combat Chronic Pain? The use of cannabis for chronic pain is a controversial topic, because in some areas of the world it is an illegal drug. Whilst it is legal in some countries and some US states, and is legal in some others for medicinal use only, it is illegal in the UK… Read More »